Quality Control Procedure
Hyton Technology Ltd established its in-house laboratory to verify the authenticity and homogeneity of electronic products. Our procedure includes but is not limited to the following inspections to detect potential counterfeits:

General External Visual Inspection (GEVI)
Basic exmaniation of the packaging, paperwork, and cursory look at the component.

Detailed External Visual Inspection (DEVI)
Detailed inspection of the packaging, leads and BGA. This includes the use of 10x and 100x magnification tool. 

Remarking Test

The test is performed by applying isopropyl alcohol or mineral spirits to the markings on the device to determine if there were any alterations.

Resurfacing test (Chemical | Mechanical for plastic parts only)
The chemical resurfacing test applies a chemical substance to the product's surface to verify quality and authenticity.

The mechanical resurfacing utilizes a blade to scrape the surface to help indicate any abnormalities.

Third-party test lab

Hyton Technology Ltd cooperates with reputable third-party test labs such as White Horse Laboratories and China Electronic Component Center Laboratory.  
Hyton will coordinate tests according to the complexity of the components and our customer’s specifications. These tests may include but are not limited to: 

Parametric and Functional Test
X-ray Fluorescence(XRF)
Solderability Testing
Heated Chemical Testing(HST)
Decapsulation and Die Analysis
Comprehensive Electrical Testing